Sunday, 9 September 2012

my happiness ...

like i always said, i want my own sister. i really need her so that i can share my problems, laugh with her, hang out with her, and spend my time with her. but unfortunately, i don't have one. i'm a lonely person. at home, i don't talk like usually just like i did at my campus. well, people in this house were busy with their own life. and me, myself, i just stay inside my room. that's what i do when i'm at home. but i'm happy to have MNA as my boyfie because he's the only one that can be my sister, my best friend, and my enemy. my happiness is in his hand. he's the only one that can make me happy. and he's the only one that can me cry. he's everything to me. i'm happy to have you in my life MNA :')

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